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Nov 26, 2013 10:00pm PST
happen to me, that alexis will be loved, safe, happy, praised and protected. i don't like thinking about it, because i plan on being here for alexis for a long time." (phone ringing) >> 9-1-1. >> narrator: on september 2, 2010, 24-year-old michelle o'connell died from a gunshot to the mouth. the gun belonged to her boyfriend, jeremy banks, a deputy with the st. johns county sheriff's office in st. augustine, florida. >> everybody's coming, your friends are on the way. >> narrator: deputy debra maynard was on duty that night. >> we stopped off at the hess station around 10:00 pm. sergeant beaver was there with corporal shand and myself, and we were having some coffee. call came out, "signal 18, shot fired." immediately, when you hear that it's a shooting involving one of your own, you know, adrenaline's pumping, and we jumped up from the table, ran out and got in our cars and started heading down us-1. (sirens wailing) i pulled up on this side. we noticed the door open to the house. went in through the kitchen, and first door on the left i noticed was open and is where i saw some feet lay
Nov 19, 2013 10:00pm PST
stayed with his mother. >> i don't know at what age mother verbalized to lee to the effect that she felt he was a burden to her. certainly by age three, he had the sense that, you know, we were a burden. >> narrator: when he was three years old, lee, too, was sent to the orphanage. like lee, marguerite herself grew up without a parent. it was their common bond. >> she had certain characteristics that were so much like lee. the time and circumstances always seemed to be against her. the world owed her a living. she wanted to be somebody. i think this was passed on to lee. >> narrator: at the age of 12, lee was back with his mother. they moved to a small apartment in the bronx. while marguerite worked days in a dress shop, lee spent his time alone. >> from what i could garner, he really interacted with no one. he made his own meals. his mother left at around 7:00 and came home at 7:00 and he shifted for himself. you got the feeling of a kid... nobody gave a darn about him. he was just floating along in the world with no emotional resources at all. >> narrator: his political awakening came
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)